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Poor posture leads to all sorts of body aches and pains. Whether you have poor posture because of the way you sit and stand, or if it is due to scoliosis, we can help you. Learn more about posture correction solutions available here at Kindred Chiropractic in Wicker Park , Chicago, IL.

Posture Correction Q & A

Why Should I Care About Poor Posture?

In addition to being detrimental to your physical health, poor posture says a lot about your demeanor. If you slouch your shoulders and slump over, it indicates you have poor self-esteem or a negative mental attitude. Poor posture can also make people think you are overtaxed. By correcting your posture, you put out nonverbal cues about your emotional state. Stand tall with your shoulders squared and you look confident and positive. When you have poor posture, you add stress to other parts of your body, both internally and externally. If you aren’t sure if you have poor posture, contact our office for an appointment. Kindred Chiropractic will help you determine if you have poor posture.

What Are the Main Causes of Poor Posture?

There are so many reasons why you could have poor posture. If you have a desk job and sit in a non-ergonomic chair all day long, this can cause you to lose the muscle strength in your core. As you age, you are likely to suffer from age-related muscle and bone degeneration. This can cause you to have poor posture as you lose your muscle strength and skeletal system. Another common problem for adults is being overweight or obese, which leads to poor posture in a number of ways. In addition to having a difficult time carrying your extra weight, being overweight often is associated with having low self-esteem. As we’ve discussed already, low self-esteem is directly related to poor posture. Scoliosis is a spinal condition that leads to poor posture but can be prevented or maintained with care. Fortunately, here at Kindred Chiropractic of Wicker Park, we help scoliosis to assist in managing and preventing further spinal curvature.

How Can Kindred Chiropractic in Wicker Park Help with Poor Posture?

Your posture comes from your skeletal and muscular system. Whenever you are out of balance or suffering from muscle strain, this can cause you to have poor posture. Thankfully, Kindred Chiropractic has several treatments that will help you realign your spine and relax your muscles. Contact your chiropractor in Wicker Park today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aleman for posture correction including scoliosis treatment.

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    "Dr. Aleman listened, took into account my whole body, lifestyle, all of my symptoms, and developed a plan of care to suit me. I rarely feel pain anymore."

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    "My evaluation with Dr. Aleman was incredibly enlightening. I learned a ton about how my body works and she was able to expose several underlying reasons behind my pain."

    Jane F.
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