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The old saying that something is a pain in the neck comes with good reason. After all, when you have neck pain it is truly troublesome. You can’t move as you normally do, and it often leads to overuse of other muscles in your back, shoulders, and chest. Get your mobility back with safe neck pain relief available by your favorite Wicker Park, Chicago, IL chiropractor at Kindred Chiropractic.

Neck Pain Relief Q & A

Why Does My Neck Hurt So Much?

If your neck is stiff, sore, or simply not willing to move, this is both annoying and painful. Your neck needs to be flexible so to best support the mobility of your head. When you have neck pain you certainly want to know why. The most common reason your neck is hurting is muscle strain. Staring at a mobile device or your computer for hours on end leads to muscle strain and tension in your neck. However, small things like grinding your teeth at night or moving too quickly will also lead to neck pain. These causes of neck pain can be remedied with lifestyle changes. To get help in treating your current neck pain, and preventing future neck strain, contact Kindred Chiropractic in Wicker Park today.

What Are Neck Conditions and Injuries That Cause Neck Pain?

For neck pain that is chronic or long-lasting, there are several conditions that can lead to this. In general, patients who are middle-aged adults or the elderly are likely to have worn neck joints. The condition of osteoarthritis also leads to age-related neck joint deterioration. A car accident or sports injury, especially one involving whiplash, will certainly cause neck pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, this can lead to chronic neck pain. The reality is that neck pain can happen to anyone of any age. Thankfully, Kindred Chiropractic in Chicago offers neck pain relief using chiropractic care. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for neck pain relief.

How Do You Help Neck Pain?

If you go to a conventional doctor, they are likely to prescribe prescription painkillers, corticosteroid injections, or perhaps surgery for your neck pain. If you are not interested in taking drugs or going under the knife chiropractic care is a safe alternative for neck pain treatment. At Kindred Chiropractic we provide a range of neck pain treatments that are safe and sound. Contact us to learn more about the post isometric muscle release technique or trigger point therapy. You may also benefit from traditional chiropractic adjusting.

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    "Dr. Aleman listened, took into account my whole body, lifestyle, all of my symptoms, and developed a plan of care to suit me. I rarely feel pain anymore."

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    "My evaluation with Dr. Aleman was incredibly enlightening. I learned a ton about how my body works and she was able to expose several underlying reasons behind my pain."

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