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Having a headache can cause you to stay out of work, skip social engagements, and avoid conversations. These negatively affect your well-being, all because of a headache. We want to help you treat your headaches using chiropractic care in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. First, take a look at these commonly asked questions related to headaches.

Headaches Q & A

How Can Kindred Chiropractic Help Me Manage My Headaches?

If you are suffering from tension headaches, migraine headaches, sinus headaches, or chronic headaches, we can help. Here at Kindred Chiropractic in Chicago, we provide a variety of treatments depending on the cause and degree of your headaches. For example, if you suffer from severe migraines we may utilize low force techniques to avoid additional pain. We will not use pain medication or surgical procedures in order to help with your headaches. For individuals with tension headaches, we might use a traditional chiropractic adjustment to resolve your out-of-alignment spine. This is a typical cause of muscle tension in the back and neck, which can lead to tension headaches. If you are tired of suffering contact Kindred Chiropractic to treat your headaches.

What Are the Chiropractic Treatments for Tension Headaches?

When you make an appointment to see your Chicago chiropractor for treatments for tension headaches, you want fast relief. Thankfully, Dr. Kat Aleman has cared for plenty of patients who have tension headaches. This form of a headache involves muscle tension, as well as possible spinal misalignment. Dr. Aleman will begin your treatment by reviewing your medical history. She will determine if medical conditions or illnesses may be causing your tension headache. After that, she may choose a traditional spinal adjustment to realign your spinal column. Other options for chiropractic treatments for tension headaches may include craniopathy, trigger point therapy, Gua Sha, or post isometric muscle release technique.

How Can I Avoid Getting Headaches?

Your best route for avoiding headaches is through self-care, which can involve chiropractic care. By getting help for your headaches at Kindred Chiropractic, Dr. Kat Aleman will evaluate your condition and suggest headache triggers to avoid. Headache triggers include stress, smells, weather changes, and certain foods. For example, foods that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) is well known as a trigger for headaches. Other foods that are headache triggers include fermented and pickled foods. If you are dealing with emotional stress or trauma, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or moving to a new state, this can also become a trigger for your headaches. Let Kindred Chiropractic help you define your headache triggers so you can avoid getting headaches in the future.

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    "My evaluation with Dr. Aleman was incredibly enlightening. I learned a ton about how my body works and she was able to expose several underlying reasons behind my pain."

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