• Colicky babies: What is it? What to do.

    by Kat Aleman, D.C.
    on Aug 18th, 2016

What is colic? According to the many definitions: colic is when a two week to four month old baby cries excessively 3+ hours per day for at least 3 days per week, for a period of three weeks in an otherwise healthy baby. These babies are known to be the fussy and needy babies which can’t seem to be soothed. If your baby is fussy or seems colicky there's a good chance you're reading this long before the three week mark, and some of these suggestions are exactly what you need.

So why is my baby colicky? Well most of the “fixes” or things that seem to help indicate digestive disturbances.

If the baby is nursing it may be an intolerance or sensitivity to a food mom is eating like dairy, spicy foods, nuts. If the baby is formula fed, it may be the formula. Intolerance of foods will lead to an overproduction of acid in the stomach with bloating, discomfort, possibly reflux.

 So what are the things to do to make this better?

Don’t give up, parents! Make sure to find a trusted sitter, family member, or take turns with your spouse to get out of the house!

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